Preventive and hygiene services

A preventive examination is performed on a healthy animal in order to assess the general state of health. Such an examination helps to diagnose early signs of the disease and to prevent its progression with timely treatment. It is recommended to visit the veterinary clinic for a preventive examination at least 1-2 times a year. It is especially important to apply preventive inspection to older animals. So, if you have a new pet in your home, you want to know more about its health status, get acquainted with the environment of the veterinary clinic, or your pet is older – we will be waiting for you when you register for a preventive examination. After all, the best treatment is prevention.

Our clinic also provides hygiene services, such as: ear cleaning, nail trimming, cleaning of the paranasal glands. It is important to perform these procedures because too long nails hinder the pet and increase the risk of injury, and when the secretion produced by the dog’s pararenal glands cannot be removed, it thickens, begins to press on the swollen gland sac and cannot pass through the ducts of the gland, resulting in inflammation, infection and abscesses (purulent inflammations that can lead to blood contamination.) If necessary, these services will be offered during the preventive examination or you can register for them immediately. Veterinarian Daiva Strepetkaitė presents basic pet care procedures.

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