Internal diseases

In our veterinary clinic, infectious and non-infectious diseases are diagnosed and treated. Depending on the animal’s condition, symptoms and anamnesis, the necessary tests (laboratory tests, ultrasound examination or X-ray examination) are applied, and after evaluating the results of the tests, doctors prescribe treatment. During the treatment, depending on the complexity of the disease, continuous treatment can be applied and his condition is monitored during a repeated examination, during which intravenous infusion and medications for treatment are applied. Intravenous infusion therapies last longer and during them we can provide inpatient care for the animal.


We provide various services related to the treatment of small animals:


Intravenous infusion therapy;

Blood transfusion;

Treatment of infectious diseases;

Treatment of diseases of the digestive tract;

Treatment of liver diseases;

Dermatological examinations and treatment of dermatological diseases;

Obstetric and gynecological services;

Treatment of urological diseases;

Treatment of endocrinological diseases;

Treatment of respiratory system diseases;

Emergency toxicological assistance;

Detailed consultations on treatment and prevention issues.

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