Dermatological problems are often troublesome and require exceptional treatment. The goal of our clinic is to find the real cause of the problem and apply the best treatment solution.

Treatment is selected individually, most patients require long-term care. Our clinic specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the following skin diseases:

  • Chronic skin diseases;
  • Ear diseases;
  • Autoimmune and immune diseases;
  • Parasitic skin diseases;
  • Bacterial and fungal skin infections;
  • Nail and foot diseases;
  • Skin diseases are related to diseases of internal organs;
  • Diseases related to coat condition and hair follicles;
  • Allergic skin diseases, such as food allergies, atopic dermatitis; Skin tumors and formations.


  • Microscopic examination of hair;
  • Microscopic examination of skin scrapings;
  • Otoscopy; Hormonal blood tests;
  • Bacteriological tests of skin diseases;
  • Mycological research;
  • Biopsy tests;
  • Other tests that are sent to Laboklin’s laboratory in Germany.

Jurgita Murauskaitė, a doctor at the “Greitoji žirafa” veterinary clinic, specializes in the field of dermatology, constantly improves and raises her qualifications at dermatology conferences and trainings. The doctor will professionally apply the dermatological experience gained in practice to the treatment of your pet.

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