We introduce you to the prices of the main and most frequently performed services for which our customers with pets apply.

Experienced doctors working in the clinic perform various veterinary procedures, wide-spectrum diagnostic tests and complex soft tissue surgical operations.

Please contact the veterinary clinic on 8606 98886 or come with your pet to the veterinary clinic for an examination.

During the visit, our veterinarians will select a treatment plan suitable only for your pet and, taking into account the animal’s health problems, will recommend targeted procedures or surgical operation and will inform you about the prices of these services.

Doctor’s appointment 9ºº- 21ºº 

Doctor’s appointment on holidays38
Doctor’s appointment without prior appointment from 9ºº- 21ºº 38
Doctor’s specialist consultation38
Doctor’s specialist consultation on holidays45
Re-examination by a specialist doctor20
Re-examination by a specialist doctor on holidays25
Preventive inspection from 9ºº- 21ºº 20

Preventive inspection 9ºº- 21ºº on holidays


Re-examination 9ºº- 21ºº and on holidays


Repeat visit up to 10 min. 9ºº- 21ºº on holidays

Consultation without an animal 9ºº- 21ºº 10
Consultation without an animal on holidays20
Animal health check before the trip15
Inpatient for a cat (day)15
Stationary for a dog (day)15
Preparation of medical history extract5
Intramuscular, subcutaneous, intravenous injection2
Blood sampling with materials6
Venous catheter law10
Intravenous infusion15
Subcutaneous infusion8
Stomach lavage during probing60
Blood transfusion (without measures)90
Enema (animals up to 10 kg)40
Enema (animals 10-20 kg)50
Enema (animals over 20 kg)60
X-ray 1 pc (without description)17
X-ray (additional) 1 pc.9
Written description of the radiograph (1 photo)10
Determination of pregnancy by ultrasound25
Echoscopy of one organ system25
Repeated ultrasound20
Overview ultrasound of the abdominal cavity40
Diagnostic endoscopy100
Diagnostic endoscopy + foreign body removal or biopsy120-180
Local anesthesia5
Cat sedation15
Dog sedation15
Inhalation anesthesia 1 hour25
Removal of sutures after surgery (if operated in another clinic)15
Wound dressing10-15
Cleaning and treatment of wounds20
Plastering/fixing with thermoplastic30-50
Wound treatment and suturing20-150
Operative treatment of ear hematoma60-80
Operative treatment of the ear canal250
Removal of pararenal glands (single)90
Operative treatment of subcutaneous abscess40
Operative treatment of abscess in deeper tissues60-90
Suturing the nerve70
Suturing a blood vessel60
Removal of foreign bodies from the skin and mucous membrane35-50
Removal of foreign bodies from soft tissues50
Removal of foreign bodies from soft tissues during surgery100-150
Diagnostic laparotomy80-120
Abdominal hernia surgery (navel)70-100
Surgery for abdominal hernias (inguinal)100-200
Abdominal hernia operation (intussuscepted)150
Abdominal hernia surgery (invaginated hernia by removing part of the intestine)200-250
Abdominal hernia surgery (abdominal wall)90-200
Removal of intestinal obstruction (without resection)180
Removal of intestinal obstruction and part of the intestine230
Rectal reconstruction of the intestine (without resection)100
Rectal reconstruction of the intestine (by resection)200
Separation of intestinal adhesions during resection250
Stomach probing in case of screwing80
Gastric probing and fixation in case of torsion during laparotomy280
Probing and fixation of the stomach during screwing and removal of the spleen350
Stomach foreign body removal150-200
Spleen removal180
Kidney removal180
Removal of tumors in the subcutaneous tissue50-90
Removal of tumors in deeper tissues90-150
Removal of tumors in internal organs and cavities200-250
Tumor removal/wart removal30

Removal of the mammary gland

Childbirth assistance for a cat 1 hour 9-21 h./ on holiday60/90
Childbirth assistance for female 1 hour 9-21 h./ on holiday60/90
Sterilization of a cat (price with medicines and materials for surgery)70
Sterilization of bitches up to 20 kg/ over 20 kg80/100
Hysterectomy for a cat with pyometra 9-21 h./ on holiday100/130
Hysterectomy of a bitch with pyometra 9-21 h. (up to 20kg/over 20kg)130/170
Hysterectomy of a bitch with pyometra 9-21 hours. (up to 20kg/over 20kg)200/250
Caesarean section for a cat 9-21 h./ on holiday120/180
Caesarian section for bitch 9-21 h. (up to 20kg/over 20kg)130/170
Caesarean section for female on holiday (up to 20kg/over 20kg)180/220
Caesarian section for a cat, removing the uterus 9-21 h./ on holiday150/200
Caesarean section for bitch, hysterectomy (up to 20kg/over 20kg)160/200
Caesarian section for a bitch, removing the uterus (up to 20kg/over 20kg) on holiday200/250
Castration of a dog80
Castration of a cat (price with medicines and materials for surgery)43
Catheterization of a male dog20
Catheterization of cats, bitches35
Catheterization of a cat with catheter suturing45
Castration of a cryptorchid cat (in the groin, leg)80
Castration of cat cryptorchid by laparotomy95
Castration of a dog’s cryptorchid (in the groin, in the leg)100
Castration of a dog’s cryptorchid during laparotomy120
Urethral operations in dogs170
Urethral operations in cats150
Bladder surgery180
Plastic surgery for inverted eyelid of one eye (entropy)80
Plastic surgery for inverted eyelid of both eyes (entropion)150
Removing the eyeball130-150

Reconstruction of the eyeball

Extraction of a milk (canine) tooth10
Extracting a permanent (canine, molar) tooth is difficult20-50
Dental plaque cleaning and polishing for dogs50
Plaque cleaning and polishing for cats50

Removal of oral tumors (without bone tissue)

Microscopy of blood12
Biochemical blood test 1 parameter8-15
Biochemical blood test 6 parameters27
Biochemical blood test LIVER (liver parameters) 24
Biochemical blood test KIDNEY (kidney parameters)24
Morphological blood test22
Preventive blood tests (morphological + biochemical 6 parameters)45
Progesterone test24
Chlamydia blood test (NMVRVI)30
Blood test for rabies antibody titer (NMVRVI) with translation100
General urine test12
Microscopy of urine12
Caprological examination15
Rapid tests for viral, parasitic and internal diseases15-25
Cytological examination40
Histological examination (LSMU)60
Laboklin (Germany) laboratory research25-170
Examination of skin fungal diseases in a diagnostic medium12
Microscopic examination of ear secretions12
Microscopic examination of skin scrapings12
Dermatologist consultation38
Subcutaneous microchip marking25
Subcutaneous microchip marking (kennels, kennel litters from 2 animals at the same time)18
Vaccination with a polyvalent vaccine (price depends on the vaccine manufacturer)25/29
Vaccination with polyvalent vaccine (breeders, litters) (price depends on the vaccine manufacturer)16-20
Vaccination with a polyvalent vaccine (from 2 animals at the same time) (price depends on the vaccine manufacturer)20/25
Rabbit vaccination with polyvalent vaccine15
Vaccination against rabies (price depends on the vaccine manufacturer)8/12
Vaccination against kennel cough Pneumodog vaccine20
EU pet passport25
EU pet passport (kennels, litters of kennels, or 2 animals at the same time)18

EU passport+marking+vaccination for kennels (1 set)

Tick ​​pulling in case of other procedures 1 pc3
Tick ​​removal without other procedures 1 pc5
Ear cleaning15
Nail trimming for dogs up to 10 kg, cats (when sedation is performed for another procedure – free of charge)10
Nail trimming for dogs over 10kg (when sedation is performed for another procedure – free of charge)15-20
Cleaning of the pararenal glands15
Cat haircut for therapeutic purposes80
Grooming a dog for therapeutic purposes80
EuthanasiaPrice EUR
Euthanasia of a young rodent (up to 2 kg)20
Euthanasia of cats and dogs (up to 5 kg)35
Cat, dog euthanasia (5kg-10kg)45
Dog euthanasia (10-20 kg)55
Dog euthanasia (20-40 kg)65
Dog euthanasia (40kg and over)85


Disposal and cremation Price EUR
Disposal of a euthanized animal (price depends on weight)15-200
Cremation service (0-1kg)100
Cremation service (1-4kg)130
Cremation service (4-10kg)150
Cremation service (10-20kg)160
Cremation service (20-30kg)180
Cremation service (30-40kg)195
Cremation service (40-50kg)220
Cremation service (50 kg and above)240



A one-time 15% discount, after the treatment, applies to vaccinations, dental plaque cleaning, sterilization, castration, tumor removal.

Discounts for all veterinary services apply to cat and dog kennels:

2 animals – 10%

3 animals -15%

4 or more animals -20%

* A prerequisite is to register the kennel animals in the database of the veterinary clinic

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