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Preventive and hygiene services

A preventive examination is performed on a healthy animal in order to assess the general state of health.

Internal diseases

In our veterinary clinic, infectious and non-infectious diseases are diagnosed and treated.


During surgical operations, modern equipment is used for the patients of our clinic, anesthetic agents widely known in the world are used.

Emergency care, intensive therapy

If you have noticed a sudden change in your pet’s behavior, coughing, shortness of breath, wheezing, howling, vomiting, or your pet has...

Laboratory studies

Successful treatment begins with a diagnosis, which requires various tests. With the help of the most modern analyzers, the necessary laboratory...

Echoscopic examinations

Echoscopy is an examination of internal organs and structures using ultrasound rays.


Meet the team at the ``Greitoji žirafa`` Veterinary Clinic

Veterinary doctor Arūnas Glumbakas
Veterinary doctor Arūnas Glumbakas
He graduated from the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy in 1993 and is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Small Animal Veterinarians. He has...
Veterinary doctor Jurgita Murauskaitė
Veterinary doctor Jurgita Murauskaitė
In 2003, she graduated from the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy and is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Small Animal Veterinarians. He has...
Veterinary doctor Daiva Strepetkaitė
Veterinary doctor Daiva Strepetkaitė
She graduated from the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy in 2000 and is a member of the Lithuanian Association of Small Animal Veterinarians. He has...
Veterinary doctor Julija Špakovič
Veterinary doctor Julija Špakovič
In 2012, he graduated from the Lithuanian Veterinary Academy. He has been working at the clinic since 2013. Raises a cat and 2 dogs – a...

About us

Qualified veterinary specialists with a wide profile and advanced medical equipment working in the veterinary clinic provide the opportunity to perform various veterinary procedures in one place, quickly and qualitatively.

We are located in spacious, modernly equipped premises in Vilnius, Pašilaičiai micro-district. We welcome clients with pets for visits in a cozy reception area, and for procedures, treatment and care, we will offer three examination rooms and an inpatient unit for day care or intensive care. Convenient access and free parking will not cause you additional worries.

In the store of the veterinary clinic, you can only purchase certified products, dietary and daily foods without genetically modified products. You will also find here prophylactic measures against endo and ecto parasites, various supplements, essential care products and accessories for animals.

We offer various discount and loyalty programs for veterinary services to our customers, animal kennels, and company employees, and we often feed the four-legged patient a fragrant cookie or surprise him with a nice gift so that the visit to the clinic does not cause much stress.

In the clinic, the health of cats and dogs is taken care of by experienced specialists, a friendly and animal-loving team, who won the hearts of many four-legged friends and their owners with their care and professionalism.

We are proud that customer trust is one of our most important values. Their support, kind words and smiles oblige them not to stop and inspire them to work even more responsibly.

Call us: +370 606 98886
Jolanta Taurienė

We came in for a bad puppy cough. Rengen determined that the trachea was severely narrowed and pulmonary edema had begun, and he prescribed medication. The dog's health improved a lot in 3 weeks. And the kitten's torn belly was there. Did the operation, cleaned it, removed part of the muscle. Both animals are healthy and cheerful.

Thank you for helping bring pets back to life.

Jolanta Taurienė
Violeta Valančienė

We live in a city where there are no 24-hour security guards. The cat got very sick during the night, I thought he wouldn't see the morning. Not knowing what to do, I called Greitoji žirafa. A very nice man answered, gave advice, was very sincerely interested in the cat. After the conversation, a few minutes later, he called me again himself with additional questions and advice on how to help the kitten endure until morning. Thank you!

Violeta Valančienė
Emilija Lee

Responsible, friendly doctors and staff. This is not the first time we have applied for help for our old cat. Thank you for your humanity towards animals.

Emilija Lee








Vet Expert

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Veterinary clinic in Vilnius

Everyone who keeps pets at home wants them to be in great health and happy, but sometimes it happens that you have to seek emergency veterinary care. It is best, in such a case, not to delay, for every hour may turn fatal. We recommend that you contact a veterinary clinic in Vilnius as soon as possible, where a professional veterinarian works, who will be able to examine the animal, perform the necessary tests, prescribe treatment, and perform a surgical operation.

„Greitoji žirafa” is a veterinary clinic that has already become a well-known place for professional help for animals in Vilnius. Here, not only various types of urgent veterinary care are provided, but also preventive animal examinations, diagnostics of internal diseases, soft tissue surgical operations, and childbirth assistance are also performed. Service prices depend on the complexity of the problem and the amount of medication used, so each case is assessed individually.

Vilnius can be happy to have an excellent animal clinic, which has been working for 14 years without days off or days off, where you can apply for professional veterinary assistance.

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