Annual animal health check

Annual animal health check

All pet owners know that it is mandatory to vaccinate the animal once a year, regularly administer anti-worm medication, and perform preventive measures against fleas and ticks. These measures alone are not enough to properly take care of the animal’s health. We know from experience that an animal’s behavior does not always indicate existing health problems and often a veterinarian’s help is sought when the disease is already advanced. Stopping the progressing disease requires a lot of effort and long treatment, and sometimes surgical intervention. Therefore, we recommend to carry out basic health examinations for the pet once a year.


  • This proposal is intended to check the animal’s health as a preventive measure during vaccination;
  • Pre-registration is required depending on the selected program;
  • You can register for a preventive health check-up of an animal by calling 8 606 98886 or 8 5 2705945;
  • The health check-up will be sent within 2 days. to the specified e-mail address.

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